Escape rooms

What exactly is an ‘escape room’ ?

The idea behind an ‘Escape Room’ is entertainment, a group of people are locked into a room with a series of puzzles and tests that eventually lead to the location of a key (electronic or real) that opens the door and allows the occupants to leave.

So why would anyone want to be locked in a room ?

Usually it is fun ! a group of friends working together in any number of possible environments to test their knowledge of the world in strange ways.

What happens if you don’t solve all of the puzzles ?

Most escape rooms come with a time limit, it might be an hour, or maybe four hours, but at the end of the time you will be released if you haven’t been able to work your way through the maze of puzzles and red herrings.

So really there is no risk, just a little stress at not completing the tasks.

What type of rooms are out there ?

If you can imagine it, then someone has probably built it, if not then there is a gap in the market and you should set one up !¬

There are many possibilities for escape rooms, each tuned to a target audience, maybe a jungle room testing a knowledge of biology and botany, a ‘Space’ room that looks like the star ship from 2001 with ‘Hal’ as a guide. What about a film room modelled on a projection room and loaded with film clues.

As a thought consider a ‘Frankenstein room’, maybe the Escape room is modelled after Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory. All of the puzzles and clues would be science related or possibly linked to the original Mary Shelly book.

For anyone with an interest in playing games or puzzles, escape rooms offer a way to ‘step into’ a new world and imagine being there for real, combine that with a few friends of a similar ilk and a good evening’s entertainment is likely to follow.